With project expertise ranging from Business Analysis through to Delivery and Change Management, I am a specialist in helping organisations and businesses get things done.

I have extensive management consulting experience and broad project experience including strategy development, operational model and service delivery design, business transformation, culture change, process and performance improvement, and operational change management. Clients have spanned across a number of sectors including Mining, ICT, Construction & Property Services, Engineering, Financial Services, Education, Childcare and Non-Profits.

But, more than all the blah, blah, blah… I’m passionate about getting the best out myself, the people who work with and for me, and the projects and missions that I’ve had under my hand.  I’ve always driven hard to deliver huge value in every way.

I’m all about PEOPLE, LEADERSHIP and PROJECTS. In that order.

  1. PEOPLE first because at the end of the day, life is all about people. No matter how automated we become in this world, people will still matter immensely because there is something unique about us as people that simply cannot be replaced by machines.  In some of my projects I spend a lot of time focusing on automation, machine learning and some very cool technology, but nothing beats highly motivated and effective people.  I love people.  People make life worth living.
  2. LEADERSHIP second because in my experience nothing great happens without great leadership.  People, as wonderful as they are, do not self-organise very well. We need (and I might even say crave) strong and competent leadership.  It’s what moves us, motivates us and guides us to work together to accomplish the most amazing things.  Leadership matters, and I stand firmly against those who have tried over the past few decades to diminish the role of strong leadership.  I am passionate about identifying future leaders and helping all leaders grow into greater and greater impact.
  3. And PROJECTS.  To leverage the all-too-true words of Tom Peters, everything is a project.  And the people who understand how to plan and deliver projects are the ultimate leaders in our modern world, and perhaps it may even be said of every age.  If you want to change small and big things, being an able project leader is crucial.  Note that I said project “leader”, not “manager”.  I’ll probably use the term “project manager” from time to time due to general understanding of the label, but whenever I use the label “project manager” or refer to a PM, I really mean a “project leader” because I think there is a difference.  A big difference and I think this perspective actually matters a lot.  I love nothing more than a good plan coming together and standing back to see the outcome from a project.  Any project.  It’s a thing of beauty.  Our capacity to undertake and change the world through projects is perhaps one of the fundamental differentiators between humans and everything else.  It’s a thought.


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