My mission (and I use that word quite intentionally) is to grow people, build leadership and give guidance to those working on projects great and small. I do this in SIX ways:

  • I write… both here and in some upcoming books (stay tuned!).
  • I speak… contact me if you need a speaker for an upcoming even who is entertaining, challenging and most of all real.
  • I consult and advise… I work with clients on people, leadership and projects.
  • I coach & mentor… I work with a small handful of leaders to help them grow in a highly personalised program which focuses on objective outcomes. No waffly yik yak. We’re all about results.
  • I serve on boards… I’ve served on and advised a number of boards over my career. My eclectic background allows me to bring a broad perspective to governance in both the for-profit and non-profit spheres.
  • I lead… there is nothing that I preach that I don’t actually do on a day to day basis. No armchairs lectures here… all you’ll get is hard-won wisdom and lessons learned the tough way in the trenches. That means it’s real. No BS.  I still apply myself to senior leadership roles doing real strategy and real projects with real people.

Contact me to talk more if you think I can help you!